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My therapy process

Depending on the capacity of the individual, both making use of and practicing surrendering to the perception of inner and outer reality, we find a flow state.



During our first session(s), we’ll focus on what’s not working for you. We’ll assess all areas and note where you’d like to see significant improvements to help increase your overall feelings of satisfaction in your life. Once we’ve established that, we’ll meditate on your specific Core Values.



This is where we’ll focus more on your past wounds, patterns, habits, and beliefs you may have picked up in childhood to help uncover anything holding you back in your current reality.

We'll also uncover where your Shadow, Inner Child, or ego is still running the show.



Weekly or Bi-Weekly Sessions

6 months

9 months

or 1 year +

Committing to a specific timeframe brings a certain level of intentionality to the therapy process and effectively provides more profound, longer-lasting results.



This is where we take the unearthed material of our sessions and integrate embodiment & daily ritual. Using specific Creative Arts Therapies including dance/movement therapy, somatics, EFT/Tapping, bibliotherapy, art therapy & sound therapy for deepened whole clarity.


Rest & Digest

As a principle of trauma-informed therapy and ancient wisdom from the central nervous system, the rest & digest phase is a time to celebrate your journey, progress, and another phase of evaluating definitions of love, success, dreams, and deeper meaning with a clearer, more focused heart.

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