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For adults age 25-35* struggling with body/soul-related cPTSD, I offer a transformative six-month container.

Utilizing Applied Polyvagal Theory, Dance/Movement Therapy, neuroplasticity, and Somatic Experiencing, I guide clients to regain deep trust in their bodies and autonomy, paving the way for more connected, and sacred relationships.

*Approximate age range.

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Love is a clinical skill.

Rebecca Demi, M.S. BC-DMT LCAT
Board Certified Licensed Psychotherapist

Psychotherapy is not just a therapeutic exchange; it is a conscious & unconscious merging of ancient wisdom and modern care, challenging the constrictions imposed by the Western medical-industrial complex. Within the heart of every individual, there's a tapestry woven from emotions, perceptions, and intuitions, shaped by attachment styles, ancestral teachings, and traumatic experiences. It's these patterns that inform our life's rhythms and hold the blueprint of returning to inherent self-worth. There are many nuances here to explore and learn together.


Guided by age-old wisdom and informed by contemporary understanding, we aim to thaw out limiting beliefs and rediscover the boundless capacity for growth that resides within the unconscious, hidden in the Shadow.


Together, we will chart the waters of your experiences, acknowledging the depths, and drawing upon both time-tested practices and the latest in therapeutic care.

Our journey will integrate verbal and non-verbal intermodal arts & expressive therapeutic techniques, merging the best of past and present to light your path forward. Each session is a step toward liberation—from outdated narratives and towards embracing the multifaceted, evolving being that is you.


Through our collaboration, you will gain a renewed sense of autonomy, efficient self-awareness, communication skills, and self-sovereignty. The rest, like material needs and goals, unfold in divine timing.




Feel the fear and move with love. I am not my body, but my body is mine.


Beyond our conscious awareness lies the continuous interplay of our primary and secondary processes— these encompass our nonverbal gestures, energy, and posture, each hinting at deeper stories and truths.

What will we allow to define us? What can we reshape to best move forward?

As we journey together, we will harness the transformative capacities of creative arts and somatic healing to help you heal from anxiety, depression, complex emotional stress, grief, addiction, and low self-image. Beyond therapeutic insights, I also emphasize the unmatched power of showing up authentically and with a clear intent of recovery. This dual focus empowers you to unearth and amplify your innate strengths and sharpened senses.

Professional Scope

  • Graduated with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts Degree in Modern Dance Choreography and minor in Psychology from Marymount Manhattan College (2014)

  • Graduated with a Master's Degree in Creative Arts Therapy from Pratt Institute (2017)

  • Licensed Creative Arts Therapist in New York State (#002586)

  • Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist with the American Dance Therapy Association Inc.

  • Primary Rehabilitation Counselor on Adult Inpatient Psychiatry Bellevue Hospital (2018-2023)

  • New York State Chapter President of American Dance Therapy Association Inc. (2020-present)

  • Certified Arts & Trauma Specialist from The Kint Institute (May 2023)

  • EMDR & Parts Work for Treating Complex Trauma with Dr. Arielle Schwartz (November 2023)

  • Embracing IPNB with Dr. Dan Siegel Mindsightful Journey (December 2023)

  • Clinical Applications of Internal Family Systems with Alexia Rothman (March 2024)

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Meet Rebecca.

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Rated 5 Stars on Zocdoc!

Client Testimonials

"The way we look at relationship patterns and behaviors that I align with as sex & love addiction has been transformational."

~client, November 2023

"Before starting this work, societal and parental pressures weighed heavily on me, affecting my self-worth and autonomy. I feel like I'm rebuilding this for real."

~client, October 2023

"This therapy is a medium for emotional expression and grounding. Rebecca is helping me rebuild my confidence and understanding of my evolving social and familial roles."

~client, September 2023

"I'm working on giving myself space. Indulging in curiosity and play. Find a rhythm for it. Rather than shame it."

~client, August 2023

"The way you asked questions was insightful and led me to get more introspective."

~client, August 2023

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